Broadcast-quality audio links
are now available to everyone.


Cleanfeed is an easy-to-use live audio link in your Chrome browser.


Only one party needs an account and there are no confusing costs; just share a link.


A higher quality alternative to on-air phonecalls, Skype and expensive ISDN.

Cleanfeed is free to get started

Including commercial use.

Are you a large organisation or commercial broadcaster? Enquire about bespoke licensing and support options.

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Who's using Cleanfeed?


  • Co-present with anyone, wherever they are
  • Interview a guest, a musician or expert; anyone with a Chrome browser and a microphone

Professional Broadcasters

  • Integrates neatly into your studio with intuitive touchscreen control
  • Manage multiple connections from one console
  • Perfect for studio to studio links

Voice Artists

  • One login handles everything for you and your clients
  • Superior to ISDN: inexpensive, more widely available and higher quality

Community Radio

  • Report from anywhere with 3G or WiFi; eg. a local cafe, your hospital or campus
  • Do an outside broadcast


  • Share your session live with collaborators
  • Record a vocalist anywhere in the world
  • No waiting for tracks to bounce down and emailing


  • Remote tuition with no overheads or cost
  • Natural communication and rapport over a high-quality link