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Using the RØDECaster Pro with Cleanfeed

The RØDECaster Pro has become a popular recording device for podcasters and Producers all round the World. In this article we’ll show you how to connect your RØDECaster Pro to your PC or Mac with the correct settings, make a high quality call with Cleanfeed, and go through some best practices.

Setting up the RØDECaster Pro

There is a specific setting in order to ensure that the RØDECaster Pro is set up in a way where you can send/receive audio without any adverse affects, such as echoing. On the RØDECaster Pro, this setting is known as ’Enable Mix-Minus’.

The Mix-Minus option will ensure that any audio sent to your RØDECaster Pro unit isn’t then sent back again to Cleanfeed. If this setting was off, then the result would be the guest audio returning to themselves, which would be disruptive.

This is how to enable this on your RØDECaster Pro:

Settings > Hardware > Advanced > Audio

Then, ensure Enable Mix-Minus is on, listed under the USB Channel section.

The RØDECaster Pro Enable Mix-Minus setting
The Enable Mix-Minus option on the RØDECaster Pro

Once the mix-minus has been setup, configure the audio devices in Cleanfeed to use the RØDECaster Pro. The input selected using the gear icon next to your name. While the output can either be selected as your main system output, or if you have Cleanfeed Pro, selected under the Audio and Playback device.

Selecting the RØDECaster as an inputSelecting the RØDECaster as an output
Selecting the RØDECaster as both the input device and output device in Cleanfeed.

The RØDECaster Pro doesn’t require any special drivers in order to use it on your PC or Mac.

Making a connection & recording

Now that you have your RØDECaster Pro setup with Cleanfeed, it's time to connect to your guest. Do this in the regular way on Cleanfeed, or if you are making your first connection why not look at making your first interview

Once your remote guests are connected, you should now hear them on your RØDECaster Pro by bringing up the USB fader. Your guests will be able to interact with all the other participants connected to the RØDECaster Pro

Finally, it’s time to record! Recording can either be done on the RØDECaster Pro by hitting the big REC button. Or, on Clenafeed by creating a Record track.

Why not create your primary recording with the RØDECaster Pro and then a backup recording with Cleanfeed. Or, use both devices in Multitrack mode to obtain a track for every participant on the call.

Best practices

Much like setting your microphone level in Cleanfeed, the same will be true setting the audio levels on the RØDECaster Pro. This will give you the best results when using the RØDECaster Pro to record, but also when speaking to your remote guests on Cleanfeed.

The RØDECaster Pro has a natural fader position in the centre, and this is recommended. This means that when setting up your microphone levels on the RØDECaster Pro, make sure they’re presenting themselves at an adequate level so you don’t have to use the fader to boost the level above the central position. It will also ensure that the level you get from your guest on Cleanfeed will match the volume of your microphones

The RØDECaster Pro faders in central position
For the optimal levels, ensure the RØDECaster Pro’s fader position is central

To ensure the best level is sent to your RØDECaster Pro from Cleanfeed, make sure your guests level in Cleanfeed is hitting the orange area on the meter; and that if your RØDECaster Pro is selected as your system device, that your audio is at 100%.

We’ve shown how to setup the RØDECaster Pro and how to take full advantage of the features to connect to a remote guest and get the best sound out of the unit.