Advanced remote audio
for everyone
It's free to get started, it only takes 30 seconds and you'll have your first
live interview or recording within minutes.

Cleanfeed enables anyone to send, receive and record live audio using only a browser.


Your remote studio
anywhere, any network.

Don’t just replace ISDN, go one better.
Professionals are already using Cleanfeed.

Cleanfeed on laptop and mobile

Why Cleanfeed

As well as being easy to use, Cleanfeed is the most technically advanced system of its type.

Built-in recording

Get started without external mixers, mix-minuses and other technical know-how. The minimum requirements are just a browser and a microphone; Cleanfeed handles the rest.

Screenshot of recording

Connect to anyone

Only one party needs a Cleanfeed account; just send a URL. Anyone can connect from Mac, Windows, Linux or Android.


Bring together more than two people on the same session. You can record them all, too; even on separate tracks.

Screenshot of multiple parties
Screenshot of audio options

High quality audio

Replace Skype with Cleanfeed and send your audio without unwanted processing. Access the best codecs, high bitrates and stereo audio; on wired, wireless, 3G or 4G networks.

Cleanfeed is free to get started, and that includes commercial use. You can upgrade at any time to Cleanfeed Pro.

Are you a large organisation or commercial broadcaster? Enquire about our bespoke licensing and support options.

High quality audio
Advanced invitations -
Cartwall -
Audio repair / Echo cancel -
Multiple input devices -
Advanced audio routing -
Channel mix control -
Volume control -
Higher bitrates -
Commercial: Free $34/month
*Non-commercial: Free $22/month

*Reduced rate for personal, educational or charitable use. “Personal use” includes up to $2000 in gross revenue on Cleanfeed-related activities. Prices shown include all applicable VAT charges. Full breakdown and conditions are shown at point of purchase.

Broadcasters using Cleanfeed

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