What is Cleanfeed?

A collaboration tool for live audio and recording, in your browser

Connect & record live,
with anyone in the world

You, the studio operator
Screenshot of Cleanfeed user interface
Runs in your browser Make a recording Remote guests & co‑hosts

Who’s using Cleanfeed

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Cleanfeed is the most technically
advanced system of its type

Built-in recording

Get started without external mixers, mix-minuses and other technical know-how. The minimum requirements are just a browser and a microphone; Cleanfeed handles the rest.

Multiple parties

Bring together everyone on the same session. You can choose how to record them, too; even on separate tracks.

Connect to anyone

Only one party needs a Cleanfeed account; just send a web link. Anyone can connect from Mac, Windows, Linux or Android.

High quality audio

Send your audio without unwanted processing. Access the best codecs, high bitrates and stereo audio; on wired, wireless, 3G or 4G networks.

Cleanfeed Pro logo

Take your production to the next level with the extra features of Cleanfeed Pro.

Starts at $22 | £15 | €17 per-month for personal use. 1 month minimum.
See our pricing and upgrade within the app.

Multitrack recording

Everyone in a separate track, perfectly in sync, no drift. Instant zip files, open in your favourite audio editor.

Cleanfeed exporting multitrack audio into Adobe Audition

Advanced invites

Keep control of who can join a session, when and how.

Time-limit an invitation in Cleanfeed Pro


Intro, idents, jingles, beds. Playback audio live and it’s recorded, too.

Cleanfeed Pro, with several carts loaded and one playing

Audio repair

Headphones just out of reach? We always recommend them, but fix up audio live for only those guests who need it.

Cleanfeed Pro, selecting audio repair options

Multiple sources

An extra USB mic, a mixer, and more. Connect up to four local devices and record them to separate tracks.

Cleanfeed Pro, selecting the number of local audio sources

Channel mixer

Adjust levels and get great results, live. Save time in post-production later.

Cleanfeed Pro, selecting the channel mix level in decibels

Higher bitrates

Need to turn the dial to 11? The highest quality remote audio when you need it. Up to 256kbps mono or 320kbps stereo.

Cleanfeed Pro remote audio settings

Aux outputs

Get an isolated audio output for each guest to route audio wherever you want.

Cleanfeed Pro, selecting an auxiliary output

Cleanfeed in action


Your remote studio; anywhere, any network.

Don’t just replace ISDN, outperform it. Professionals are already using Cleanfeed.

Photograph of a mixing desk


Record live with anyone in the world.

Whether it’s interviewing or co-presenting, do it live. No need to synchronise recordings later.

Photograph of a RODEcaster and microphone


Collaborate globally with complete freedom.

Musicians, DJs, voiceover, audio drama and more. Share and review your work live, with Cleanfeed.

Photograph of a musician playing a loop box