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The creators of Cleanfeed are proud recipients of the Primetime Emmy Award in Engineering, Science & Technology presented by the Television Academy.

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Case Study

Mixing console at Dave Bethells’s studio

TM Studios

Advertising jingles are memorable tunes that linger in our minds. TM Studios, based in Dallas, Texas, is a significant player in this space, being one of the largest jingles companies globally. With over 50 years of experience, they create audio such as jingles, slogans, and more, reaching over 40 million listeners daily.

TM Studios recognised the need to evolve and change with the times to survive. By becoming nimbler than competitors and attentively listening to customers’ needs, they began a process of reinvention. Finding ways to provide high-quality music and jingles without escalating costs became a central focus.

TM Studios implemented Cleanfeed to enable remote collaboration. Used by Creative Director, Dave Bethell, in his previous work, Cleanfeed allowed for a virtual yet high-quality studio experience, connecting musicians and clients from different locations.

Cleanfeed has become a staple in TM Studios’ workflow, allowing them to work remotely with talent all over the world. This flexibility has kept overheads low and offered better rates for clients. The simplicity and adaptability of Cleanfeed, combined with TM Studios’ innovative approach, have solidified the company’s standing in the audio production industry.

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Feature showcase

It’s not just the finest remote audio quality. Cleanfeed has a well thought-through feature set uniquely implemented for a straightforward, fast and professional workflow for commercial audio production.

Success stories

Multicast Audio systems

TV Production Multicast Audio

When the 2023 series of "Saturday Night Takeaway" culminated with a grand finale at Universal Studios, Florida, technology was at the heart of its success. Multicast Audio, led by Ian Threlfall used Cleanfeed to ensure seamless audio-only connections. For the finale, it proved invaluable, enabling the relay of high-quality rehearsal feeds to the UK musical director. Additionally, during the tense "Win The Ads" segment featuring a UK-based contestant, Cleanfeed served as a trustworthy solution, ensuring the segment’s flawless execution.

Such reliance on Cleanfeed underscores the software’s capability to facilitate remote collaborations, making it an essential tool for broadcasting and recording, especially in scenarios demanding top-tier audio quality without the constraints of a studio environment.

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Forever Audio Post production studio

Forever Audio

With 12 state-of-the-art studios in the heart of London and a dedicated team in New York, Forever Audio is a major player on the audio post production scene, delivering world-class audio services to the film, television and advertising industries.

If participants can’t physically get to the studio a different approach is required. Forever Audio’s staff rely on Cleanfeed.

Cleanfeed’s effectiveness as a remote recording tool has now been so convincingly proved that it is in daily use throughout Forever Audio’s studios.says Alistair Bolt, Forever’s Audio’s senior engineer.

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