Cleanfeed is free to get started, and that includes commercial use. You can upgrade at any time to Cleanfeed Pro.

Standard Cleanfeed Pro
Multiple parties
High quality audio
Unlimited session recording
Multitrack recording -
Advanced invitations -
Markers and notes -
Cartwall -
Audio repair / Echo cancel -
Multiple input devices -
Channel mix control -
Higher bitrates -
Aux outputs -
Email support -
Business: Free $34/month
*Discounted: Free $22/month
There is only one version of Cleanfeed Pro, and the rate is set based on how you use it. The discounted rate is only available to:

  • individuals: for your personal use only, not expensed to a business. Your personal use may include some commercial activity (up to $10,000 per year).
  • an official Registered Charity or non-profit in your locality.
  • a recognised educational establishment, such as a school, college, university or students' union.

Prices shown include applicable VAT. Full definition and conditions are presented at the point of purchase.

The minimum term is 1 month and you can rejoin at any time.

For large organisations, please contact us.