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Recording engineers and talent love Cleanfeed, here’s why:

A dark production studio showing a television monitor with footage of a carnival alongside the ProTools audio editor and Cleanfeed

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Group sessions with real-time 2K video, up to 60fps.

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Screenshot from Mac showing ProTools working alongside Cleanfeed

Case study

Mixing console at Parabolic Studios showing PC screen with ProTools and Cleanfeed


As the founder of Manhattan-based facility Parabolic, Lew Goldstein is a Supervising Sound Editor and Re-Recording Mixer. He began his career in Los Angeles before moving to New York where he worked as a sound editor at various post facilities.

Cleanfeed is a huge asset to us, Lew says. By becoming fluent in how to use Cleanfeed for remote recording we have developed new workflows that are incredibly valuable because they are so fast, reliable and straightforward.

To facilitate remote projects, Parabolic invested in 50 remote recording kits, each consisting of two high quality microphones, an audio interface and a small laptop. These were sent out to actors all over the world.

We can get these kits out to actors quickly and all of them operate with Cleanfeed. They are very easy for the actors to set up and require no technical knowledge to operate because the actual recording takes place at Parabolic.

Cleanfeed is now opening up new possibilities for Parabolic, particularly at the review stage of a project when producers and creative teams in many different locations all want to take part in live reviews.

Find out more information about Parabolic and read our full write-up.

Feature showcase

It’s not just the finest remote audio quality. Cleanfeed has a well thought-through feature set uniquely implemented for a straightforward, fast and professional workflow for film and television.

Success stories

Forever Audio engineer showing PC screen with ProTools and Cleanfeed

Forever Audio

With 12 state-of-the-art studios in the heart of London and a dedicated team in New York, Forever Audio is a major player on the audio post production scene, delivering world-class audio services to the film, television and advertising industries.

Over time Cleanfeed has become increasingly important because it gives us a lot of flexibility. We no longer have to bring people into the studio to record them, they can be anywhere in the world says Alistair Bolt, Forever’s Audio’s senior engineer.

Cleanfeed’s effectiveness as a remote recording tool has now been so convincingly proved that it is in daily use throughout Forever Audio’s studios.

Find out more about Forever Audio and read our full write-up.

A woman in an orange sweater sits in front of screens running ProTools and Cleanfeed. Generlec speakers and a Fitzrovia Post mouse pad are visible

Fitzrovia Post Production

Cécile Janet, Head of Audio has this to say about Cleanfeed:

Cleanfeed has become our favorite browser-based audio streaming platform at Fitzrovia Post. Their new Aux outputs feature has been a game changer for remote crowd ADR.

The ability to route multiple actor feeds into individual record tracks in ProTools has removed the need for unpacking and editing takes at the end of the session, streamlining the whole process.

Cécile is referring to the non-linear workflow capabilities of Cleanfeed which we announced in our blog in 2021.

Five members of the team at Fuse Post standing together

Fuse Post

From this small sound-post company in the heart of London’s west end, here's what audio engineer Scott Wilkinson at Fuse Post has to say about Cleanfeed:

It’s been invaluable in enabling us to record artists that, in normal times, would have attended the session in person.

We’ve found Cleanfeed to have a reliable and robust connection, but most of all, easy for artists and clients to set up remotely.