Cleanfeed Cinema

The virtual studio where lightning-fast video meets studio-quality audio.

Revolutionising how teams create, communicate and collaborate worldwide.

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Client review
Sound & picture

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Remote talent

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Global collaboration

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and localisation

Emmy statuette

Emmy award winning

The creators of Cleanfeed are proud recipients of the Primetime Emmy Award in Engineering, Science & Technology presented by the Television Academy.

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Designed for any production

Cleanfeed Cinema is the perfect collaboration solution for audio and video production.

Created to live stream real-time video with pristine audio, it empowers seamless teamwork for professionals anywhere in the world.

Remote collaboration has become essential in production workflows. Cleanfeed Cinema is an online studio that enables you to bring together talent, producers, and clients in one place with incredibly smooth video and unparalleled audio capabilities.

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Cleanfeed Cinema is the most technically
advanced system of its type

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Lowest latency

See and hear everything at the same time, in real time. Secure and instant audio & video in high-quality 2K up to 60fps.

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Group sessions

Production teams in natural conversation with talent, who are recorded and streamed in studio quality.

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Audio expertise

You’re in control, with no unwanted processing. Full duplex audio with the best codecs in stereo at high bit rates.

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Connect with anyone

Using only a browser; no special hardware, firewall or additional software. On PC, Mac, laptops and tablets.


Cleanfeed’s global network is designed from scratch with a clear focus: delivering high performance sound and picture over the Internet, at low latencies like you've never seen or heard before.

No more squeezing your creativity down conferencing apps like Zoom, Teams or Meet.

Who’s using Cleanfeed

BBC Warner Brothers Discovery Network NPR NBC Universal Technicolor



Guests join using only a web link, no time limits and no extra software license.

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Just $2500/year with no time limits — a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions. The power of Cleanfeed where you need it.

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High Impact

Impress your clients and collaborators, showcasing work for review and feedback in the quality it deserves.

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Streaming is the ideal way to incorporate flexible remote working without disrupting existing tools and workflow.

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Highlighted workflow

Cleanfeed Cinema is a versatile tool for a variety of workflows in post-production and broadcast.

Cleanfeed Cinema logo

High-quality video

Virtual or hardware video sources. Share your screen or window, too. Up to DCI 2K at 60FPS.

Cleanfeed Cinema, picking video input resolution

Security and privacy

Privacy and notification settings. Keep control of who can join a session, when and how.

One link for your talent or gallery guests

Aux outputs

Get an isolated audio output for each guest to route audio wherever you want.

Cleanfeed Pro, selecting an auxiliary output

Talent & gallery

Talent with studio-quality audio or gallery guests who can review or participate in a conference.

Cleanfeed Cinema studio with talent and gallery guests

Audio repair

Headphones just out of reach? We always recommend them, but fix up audio live for only those guests who need it.

Cleanfeed Pro, selecting audio repair options

Multiple sources

An extra USB mic, a mixer, and more. Connect up to four local devices and record them to separate tracks.

Cleanfeed Pro, selecting the number of local audio sources

Channel mixer

Adjust levels and get great results, live. Save time in post-production later.

Cleanfeed Pro, selecting the channel mix level in decibels

Higher bitrates

Need to turn the dial to 11? The highest quality remote audio when you need it. Up to 256kbps mono or 320kbps stereo.

Cleanfeed Pro remote audio settings

Markers & notes

Distraction-free labelling with timestamps during recording.

Cleanfeed Pro markers interface

The most

Case study

Mixing console at Parabolic Studios showing PC screen with ProTools and Cleanfeed


Telegael, a renowned Irish post-production facility, faced the challenge of bridging geographical distances to collaborate with international partners effectively. Seeking a solution that could deliver broadcast-quality audio and synchronized video for remote production, Telegael turned to Cleanfeed Cinema.

It’s easy to use — even for someone with no technical knowledge — and the audio is always perfect. It’s a really useful tool and since we started using it we’ve never looked back. — Ciarán Ó Tuairisc, Head of Sound

Upon adopting Cleanfeed Cinema, Telegael experienced a transformative shift in their remote production workflows. With its user-friendly interface, exceptional audio quality, and seamless synchronization of video, Telegael successfully conducted ADR sessions, mixing sessions, and real-time audio reviews with remote collaborators, enhancing their ability to deliver studio-quality content to global audiences. Cleanfeed Cinema emerged as a game-changer for Telegael, empowering them to overcome the challenges of remote collaboration and maintain their reputation for excellence in post-production.