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Folinglo text above a barn
Marcus de Paula

How To Fail

How to Fail logo
Elizabeth Day

Saudi Sisters

Saudi Sisters artwork
Aixa Kay & Ida Alkusay

The Rocketry Show

The Rocketry Show artwork
CG and Gheem

Podnews Weekly

Podnews Weekly Review artwork showing the Podnews logo
James Cridland & Sam Sethi

Chuck Taylor

Chuck Taylor's Red Dirt America logo with Chuck wearing a jacket

A Different Tweed

Bronwyn Cosgrave podcast cover
Bronwyn Cosgrave

Happy Place

Happy Place logo
Fearne Cotton

The Rhod Casts

The Rhod Casts artwork
Rhod Sharp

Diary of a Name Dropper

A diary book with the text Diary of a Name Dropper

Cinematic Sound Radio

Cinematic Sound Radio Podcast logo

Jamie and Spencer

6 Degrees logo
BBC Radio 1

The Hit List

Emma Jo podcast cover
Emma Jo

Mosen At Large

Mosen at Large logo
Jonathan Mosen

No Agenda

No Agenda podcast cover
Adam Curry

Bob & Zip Show

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Bob Rivers

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Case Study

Anya Pearce sits behind a microphone decorated with Times Radio logo

The Times

Each day we watch as rising temperatures, extreme weather and extinctions are accepted as the new normal. The list of bleak headlines feels endless. It’s no wonder hope is wavering. But all is not lost.

Planet Hope, a new 12-part podcast series launched by The Times, is one of a number of podcasts produced by Anya Pearce who regularly uses Emmy Award-winning Cleanfeed to record audio with remote guests.

I use it because its audio quality is so much better than other software, says Anya.

Cleanfeed is ideal for podcasters because it allows producers to interview more than one person at a time. For Anya, who create podcasts for News UK, this is a valuable asset. It is especially useful as each voice can be recorded on a separate track — something that makes editing a lot easier, she says.

Anya says she needs eagle ears to do her job. Journalists and podcasters who want the very best audio for their projects are turning to Cleanfeed because it is so well suited to recording live interviews remotely.

Listen to Planet Hope online, and read more about Anya’s story on our blog.

Feature showcase

It’s not just the finest remote audio quality. Cleanfeed has a well thought-through feature set uniquely implemented for a straightforward, fast and professional workflow for podcasters.

Success stories

Kris and Kristine outdoors

The Enthusiasts Kris and Kristine

Meet Kris and Kristine, the dynamic husband and wife duo behind the podcast, The Kris and Kristine Show! They have a unique blend of humour, insight and engaging conversations.

Whether they’re discussing the latest news, talking to a guest about their personal story or even taking their show on the road, Kris and Kristine trust Cleanfeed to record their show live, bringing in remote guests to deliver quick, professional sounding and consistent results, every time.

Listen to the show and find out more about the production techniques behind it.

Headshot of Jeremy

The Indie Jeremy Chapman

Jeremy is a podcast producer who demands the best in audio quality for his shows. He’s tried countless tools and services, and says nothing comes close to Cleanfeed.

With Cleanfeed, Jeremy can effortlessly record studio-quality audio with remote guests, no matter where they are in the world. The intuitive interface and powerful features of Cleanfeed seamlessly integrate into his workflow, giving him the freedom to focus on what he does best — creating amazing podcasts.

Read more about the incredible journey Jeremy took to being a podcast producer.

Headshot of Marcus

The Professional Marcus DePaula

Marcus is a podcast producer who values quality and reliability in his work. With over 25 years experience, he needs tools that can help him deliver his best work, every time. That’s why he trusts Cleanfeed.

For Marcus, it’s about being reliable and providing a consistent, pleasurable experience that comes from a unique perspective. Whether he’s recording remote guests or collaborating with other producers, Cleanfeed gives him the confidence he needs to produce high-quality content. With Cleanfeed, Marcus knows that he can rely on his audio to be clean, clear and professional.

Read more on Marcus’ incredible career and his new venture.